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Why you should choose Myanandar

Yangon is rapidly growing, but what hasn’t caught up is the property market. Expats and young professionals are having harder times finding an apartment that is affordable yet luxurious and free from the hassles of having to take care of an unserviced apartment. With this in mind, we decided to enter the property market, and deliver our guests Affordable Luxury. Our aim was to help our guests focus on what mattered in their lives.

Life should not always be just about work. With this belief held close to heart, we provide living spaces designed to accommodate both the professional and living needs of our guests. We offer an experience that is ready for you to dive in. Through a variety of accommodation, and comprehensive guest facilities and services, we make living easy free from the hassles of house work and traffic. Welcome to where you’ll find yourself centered and rejuvenated, through an enriched living experience that reflects the perfect balance for a healthy work-life in a new city. Restaurant in yangon